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Our Accelerated Dial-Up Internet service is the ideal solution for those looking to keep their internet bills down, while at the same time experiencing the browsing speed that was previously only available to broadband users.  Rates start as low as $14.90 a month, and you can be setup and online immediately after your activation is complete.

To sign up, you can call our office at (877) 466-6104, or you can Request Additional Information from one of our sales representatives.

You can also Activate Your Account Online to sign up for service 24 hours  a day, 7 days a week.

How It Works

When you browse the internet normally, your computer requests information from other computers that are located all over the globe.  Because information coming from other states, and sometimes even other countries, has to pass through so many different points across the globe before it makes it to your computer screen, there can sometimes be a considerable delay while you wait for a page to download.  In addition to this delay, another factor that directly effects your browsing speed is the large size of the images that you have to download whenever you look at a website.  Our V2 Accelerator combats both these problems with an effective solution.

By keeping a copy (referred to as a cache) of popular websites on our internet servers, we can provide you with a much more direct path to the data that your computer is seeking when trying to go to those sites.  This way, instead of having to send and receive data from hundreds and thousands of miles away from where you are, you can pick up a copy of the data you need directly from a local computer that is only one step away from the one that you use to get online.

To increase your internet speed even further than from simply keeping those popular sites closer to you, this same V2 Accelerator server also works to speed up your connection by compressing the images that you see online into a smaller format so that they may be downloaded at a much faster rate than is seen on other dial-up internet services.
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