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DSL Qualifier
Dial-Up Access
Wireless Broadband Coverage
Here at ISP Management, we are host to many services to meet all of your computing and entertainment needs.

Dial-Up and Wireless Internet
Whether you're unhappy with your current connection or you're setting up to get online for the very first time, we have a service to fit your needs.

Dish Network Television
Tired of the high cost of cable?  Do you want something that will let you keep all the channels you love and the money in your wallet?  Check out our Dish Network Television service for more info.

VOIP Telephone Service
If you want to stop worrying about per minute charges and all those hidden fees that the big phone companies charge, take a look at our VOIP Telephone Service.

Computer Repair
When your computer is acting up and you have no one to turn to for help, we'll be there for you with our Computer Repair service.  From minor upgrades to full blown Operating System repair, we can find a way to get your computer back on its feet at an affordable rate.

Website Design
HTML, PHP, MySQL...  It can be quite an overwhelming project to get your business online, but with our Website Design packages, we can build you a website that will have both you and your customers very impressed.
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