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Dial-Up Access
Wireless Broadband Coverage
Step 1. Double-Click on My Computer.

Step 2. Double-Click on Dial-Up Networking.

Step 3. Double-Click on Make New Connection.

Step 4. Name the Connection ISP Management.

Step 5. Click Next.

Step 6. Leave the area code blank. Enter your local dial-in number. (See Points of Presence Sheet)

Step 7. Click Next.

Step 8. Click Finish.

Step 9. Right-Click (Right Mouse Button) on ISP Management and click on Properties.

Step 10. Uncheck Use Area Code and Dialing Properties.

Step 11. Click on the Server Types tab.

Step 12. Uncheck everything except TCP/IP.

Step 13. Click on OK.

Step 14. Close the Dial-Up Networking window.

Step 15. Double-Click on Control Panel.

Step 16. Double-Click on Network.

Step 17. Verify that Dial-Up Networking and TCP/IP are installed.

Step 18. Click on OK.

Step 19. The Computer may Prompt you to Restart. If it does click on Yes.

Step 20. Double-Click on My Computer.

Step 21. Double-Click on Dial-Up Networking.

Step 22. Double-Click on ISP Management.

Step 23. In the User name text box, enter your username.

Step 24. In the Password text box, enter your password.

Step 25. Click on Connect.

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