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Setting up Internet Explorer

1. Press The Start Button
2. Right click on the Internet Explorer Icon, and choose properties.
3. Click on the Connection tab at the top of the window.
4. To add a new Dial-up connection click on the Add button.
5. Choose Dial up to a private network, and then click next.
6. Enter the Phone number that ISP Management has provided for you for your area (you do not need to enter the area code if it is a local number)
7. Enter ISP Management for the name of the connection, then click finish.

ISP Management Settings

1. After you click finish an ISP Management Settings window will appear.
2. At the bottom of the window, you can enter the appropriate User Name and Password that that you have chosen, and appears on your contract.
Note: (Make sure User Name and Password are in all lowercase)
3. When finished, click on the Properties button.

Internet Connection Properties

1. When the properties window comes up click on the Networking Tab at the top.
2. Under the phrase "This Connection Uses the following items," make sure these items are checked:  Internet Protocol TCP/IP, Qos Packet Scheduler, Client for Microsoft Networks
3. Then click once on Internet Protocol TCP/IP and click the Properties button.
4. Make sure Obtain IP Address Automatically is selected.
5. Make sure Obtain DNS Server Addresses Automatically is selected.
6. Click the OK button until finished.

Double click on Internet Explorer to connect to the Internet.
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